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Save time!  You don’t need to visit this site regularly to check if there are new postings. Google FeedBurner can send you an email notice when a new article is posted. You don’t need a Google account (or a Gmail address) to avail of this FREE service. Click the link below, enter your email address on the subscription form (which will open in a new page) and submit.  You will then receive a verification email asking you to confirm your subscription.  Please confirm.  If you do not confirm your subscription, your subscription will not be effective and you will not receive email notices for articles posted.

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Because the notification is sent to a number of people, your email client may think that the email notice is spam or junk email. Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder if you are not receiving any email notice.

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You can use the form below if you have comments on the blog.  (If you wish to subscribe, do not use the contact form below; instead, click  the link above for the subscription form.)

Important:  We cannot give legal advice through this blog.  We apologize for not responding to requests for legal advice.  If you need legal advice, please make an appointment with your lawyer.

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