Rules on Compensation of Directors of GOCCs and GFIs

President Aquino issued Executive Order No. 24 on February 10, 2011 to prescribe the rules regarding the compensation of the members of the board of directors or trustees of govern-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), including government financial institutions. This is in response to the reports that directors of GOCCs have been giving themselves excessive salaries, per diems, allowances and bonuses.

Under the EO, GOCCs will be classified based on their assets and revenues, as follows:

Classification   Assets (P)                                                      Revenues (P)

A                           ≥ 100 Billion                                                ≥ 10 Billion

B                           ≥ 25 Billion but less than 100 Billion    ≥ 2.5 Billion but less than 10 Billion

C                           ≥ 5 Billion but less than 25 billion         ≥ 500 Million but less than 2.5 Billion

D                           ≥1 Billion but less than 5 Billion             ≥ 100 Million but less than 500 M

E                           Less than 1 Billion                                     Less than 100 Million

The compensation of directors or trustees shall be limited to per diems for attending meetings. They may also be granted performance-based incentives based on agreed-upon standards approved by the board and the President. However, annual retainer fees, stock option plans, and any other salaries, allowances, benefits or other bonuses are not allowed, unless specifically authorized by law or the charter of the GOCC and approved by the President, and the total of all the foregoing compensation and per diems shall not exceed the limits set under the order.

Pursuant to the EO, the maximum per diem for attending board meetings shall be as follows:

Classification        Maximum per meeting (P)                    Maximum per year (P)

A                                 40,000                                                         960,000

B                                  20,000                                                        480,000

C                                  15,000                                                         360,000

D                                  10,000                                                        240,000

E                                  5,000                                                          120,000

They may also be given per diems for attending committee meetings ranging from P24,000 per meeting for Class A GOCCs to P3,000 per meeting for Class E GOCCs.

Department secretaries, undersecretaries and other government officials who are ex-officio members of the board of GOCCs shall not be entitled to the foregoing per diems or incentives and any compensation received by ex-officio board members of subsidiaries of GOCCs or private corporations where the GOCC has investments shall accrue to the GOCC concerned.

The EO seems to have addressed the issue regarding excessive compensation which the GOCCs have been granting to their board members. The fervent hope of the ordinary citizen, of course, is that these rules will be faithfully implemented and that the Aquino government will have the political will to enforce the law regardless of who the personalities involved are.