Philippine Laws: December 2010

After failing to write a blog last month because of the absence of any new laws, I had hoped that this month will allow me to have a good “blogging” start for this new year of this new decade.  Unfortunately, P-Noy was again not able to approve any new law in December 2010. . . except for the 2011 national budget, which was approved on December 27, 2010 as Republic Act No. 10147.

It is reported that this is the first time that we have approved a national budget, before the end of the year, in almost a decade.  In the recent past, we would operate under a re-enacted budget because of the failure of Congress to ratify a budget bill, or of the President to sign a ratified bill, before the end of the year.

Set forth below are some of my notes on the 2011 national budget:

1.     While the 2011 national budget was reported to amount to PhP 1.645 Trillion, the Total New Appropriations amount to PhP 1.000 Trillion, the Automatic Appropriations amount to PhP 711.5 Billion, and the Debt Service – Principal Amortizations amount to PhP 466.2 Billion, resulting in the total of PhP 2.178 Trillion.  (As of the time of this blog, I have not been able to get an explanation regarding the reported national budget, and the total of Total New Appropriations, Automatic Appropriations and Debt Service – Principal Amortizations.  So, for purposes of this blog, I will consider the total national budget to be the latter.)

2.     The Total New Appropriations amount to 45.9% of the total national budget of PhP 2.178 Trillion.  The Automatic Appropriations amount to 32.67%, and the Debt Service – Principal Amortizations amount to 21.4%. The 2011 Total New Appropriations is PhP 304.1 Billion lower than that in 2010; but, the 2011 Automatic Appropriations is PhP 356.4 Billion higher, and the 2011 Debt Service – Principal Amortizations is PhP 60.8 Billion higher.

3.     Of the Total New Appropriations, the highest budget was given to the Department of Education, which was allotted PhP 192.3 Billion, or 19.22 % of the Total New Appropriations.  The Department of National Defense was allotted PhP 104.5 Billion (10.44%), and the Department of Public Works and Highways was allotted PhP 100.8 Billion (10.08%).

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