Exciting Changes in 2010

As we usher in the new year, we also usher in exciting changes to Lexoterica. You may have already noticed the new look and layout of the blawg.  More exciting is the entry of new bloggers, all excellent lawyers I am honored to be associated with (see “About the Bloggers” page).  Watch out for their postings in the coming weeks.

As we begin the new year, I take this opportunity to thank the readers of the blawg:

  • judges and lawyers who use the blawg to update themselves on the latest laws and jurisprudence;
  • law professors and students who use the blawg in their study of law;
  • bar reviewees who use the blawg to prepare for the bar examinations; and
  • businessmen and other laymen who use the blawg to gain a basic understanding of Philippine law.

Thank you also to those who shared the blawg via email and to those who provided links to the blawg.

I wish you a blessed and peaceful 2010!